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You can advertise with – The Largest Viewed Website of Kadapa District

We provide our customers with great potentiality of Online Advertising to complement their overall marketing strategies for better business growth. Our banner or text advertising provides more advantages over conventional print advertising with the ability to link to website.

Why to advertise on a website while I have print media?

Online advertisement has lot of potential compared to print media. Unlike the restriction of print advertising where your advertisement can only fit the amount of information available for the size of ad you purchase, your online banner links to pages where you can provide as much information and detail as you like. Even better, you can update and change the information after the original publication date to promote additional special offers.

Effective coverage is the Largest Viewed Website of Kadapa district and it is a premier website to advertise Kadapa District businesses or election campaigns or anything else. We are reaching around 1 million hits a month. More than 70% of our visitors belongs to Kadapa district. We also see quite a few visitors from other parts of the World who are researching about space research or somehow land upon it.

Popularity has been a resource of information with latest updates for the community and businesses in the Kadapa district for many years now. Our website content has been indexed by all of the Internet search engines, and we ranked at the top of their lists. Our trend rank is up by ten lakhs during last one year and is growing very rapidly.

Advertising options is having world class solution in serving advertisement and tracking them effectively. We are providing advertisers with flexible options to choose from. We will support a variety of files for advertising such as gifs, JPEGS, Flash banners, Java Script, HTML script etc…

Just give us missed call on +91-9100687828 to book an advertisement now…

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